James grew up in Montclair N.J. and has lived there most of his life. At age 21 he decided to train in the martial arts and he achieved four degrees of black belt. Three degrees in Tae Kwon Do and a first degree in Ju Jutsu. James taught both children and adults in Clifton, N.J. for 6 years. He continues his study in the arts today practicing TaiJiQuan and Falun DaFa Qiqong.


During his early martial arts training he decided to go to the Swedish Institute of Massage in N.Y. City. James received his L.M.T. license by the New York State education dept in 1986. Immediately after receiving his license he began his studies in Dr. Travell's work on Myo-fascial Pain and Dysfunction. Although Dr. Travell, author of her two volume set on myo-fascial pain would use procaine/lidocaine injections with corticosteroids as her forte' of treatment. James began intensive study using her clinical research on trigger point pain and began experimenting with direct manual  pressure on these trigger points with flouro-methane spray and stretch techniques to achieve normal flexibility in the Musculoskeletal system.  At the time Dr. Soalt an Osteopathic physician, now retired was familiar with Dr. Travell's work and began referring patients to James for treatment. The techniques were quite effective. The only caveat, it was a painful treatment for the patient and exhausting for the therapist and there was a small population that he found did not respond as well as others. By using these techniques in sports clubs on atheletes his name began to get around. At the same time he also had started an office in Montclair N.J.


Not pleased with one hundred percent recovery in all of his clients using Dr. Travell's concepts, he began searching for answers and came across Craniosacral Therapy by Dr. John Upledger DO of the Upledger Institute. The work was quite different. Very gentle manipulation of boney structures of the cranial bones and fluid dynamics within the cranial vault, spinal cord, meninges and gentle manipulation of other connective tissue structures. James saw profound results never achieved through heavy trigger point manipulative techniques. Also psycho-emotional changes during the treatments occurred showing lasting profound results within the connective tissue structures and in reducing pain and disability. There was no turning back. Study with the Upledger institute was intense and continual. James studied the Craniosacral Therpay approach and from there he met Paul Chauffour DO author of three books and developer of Mechanical Link, a multi-system approach to manipulation and studied personally with him for three years. From there James completed the course study of Visceral Manipulation developed by Jean Pierre Barral DO and founder of the present Barral Institute.


James was then offered a job as a  personal trainer in large Corporation in N.Y. City's garment district where he worked for 7 years, which gave him the opportunity and funds to study intensively and travel to study both Paul Chauffour's and Jean Pierre Barral's visceral concepts. From there James met Dr. Barral  protege' Frank Lowen M.T. who was teaching Visceral Manipulation for Jean Pierre at the time and was so impressed with Frank Lowen's treatment style, that he followed him for many years, trained intensively with him and to this day considers Frank Lowen his mentor and teacher.


Between working, traveling and studying with these masters of bodywork for 15 years and studying with the top biochemists around the country and working with labs learning how to utilize functional medicine approaches, diet, nutrition along with neutraceuticals, homeopathy and herbs for his clients, his health started to deterorate. At forty nine years old illness set in and he started to become extremely fatiqued and lose his vision along with joint pain. He sought out other practioners and physicians but no cause was found. He came in contact with EAV diagnositic techniques which showed Lyme's disease and co-infections. From that point on he studied everything he could find on lyme's disease, herbal, homeopathic and drug compounds that effect Lyme infections and co-infections. He continued his own research studying Dr. Schaller's work whom was helpful and taught James alot about blood tests for thses disease processes. He also started to realize through his studies that many other infections and environmental toxic compounds, heavy metal toxicity, mold infections, parasitic infection, high viral loads all contribute to the tenacity of a chronic bacterial infection. This is being seen and written about by top physicians in the field of chronic illness. These elements compound to reduce the abilty of the body to fight infection.  Not until he met Dr. Klinghardt and ART (Autonomic Response Testing) was the proper diganosis made of Lyme's disease and co-infections along with heavy metal toxicity and all the other components that contribute to Lyme's symptoms. The picture was now complete and 6 years later, thanks to Dr. Marc Scwarz, Dr. Klinghardt's protege', proper ART protocols were utilized and his health has returned. ART saved his vision and his practice. James has been steadily studying and using ART techniques along with his manual skills to treat difficult to solve cases so common today. He continues his studies with the most influential physcians working in the functional medicine field of treatment for hard to treat chronic cases and incorporates all that he has learned to help others .


"I am indebted to all the practioners I have come across over the years. I have been priviliged to learn and continue their work to help others. Who knows what the next 30 years will bring. My heartfelt thanks".


James Stivaly L.M.T.





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