Parasites are the elusive elephant in the room that cause chronic illness. Parasites can move around the body and invade every organ, including the brain. Unexplained medical symptoms like chronic fatique, muscle weakness, fibromyalgia (there are numerous components to fibromylagia to long to discuss here), anxiety, undefined poor gut and digestive function.

If your physician says your fine, parasites may be the culprit. Parasites do cause diarrhea, bloody stools, abdominal cramps, but also anorexia, autoimmune disease, chronic fatique, food allergies, gastritis, IBD, IBS, low back pain, Chrohn's , arthritis, headaches, rectal itching, weight loss, weight gain and more. You can see that parasitic infections can contribute to a wide range of disease symptoms. From my experience, parasites can be a contributing factor in the chronicity of Lyme disease as well.

Parasites weaken the immune system especially the Gut immune system. 70% of your immune function is in your GI tract, this is why parasitic infection can cause such immune compromise. Parasite infection goes largely undiagnosed in the U.S. because of the thought that parasites only occur in low income , poverty stricken areas of the world.

In the U.S. the most common parasites are of microscopic protozoal form (single cell, amoeba). that can be transmitted by air, food, water, insects, animals and humans. It's been estimated by parasitologists that a minimum of 10% of Americans are infected by parasites. In my experience the number is much higher. Worldwide 25% are infected with roundworms and over 30% by protozoa.

Anyone with chronic diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain,flatulence, chronic constipation, unexplained fatique should be screened for parasites. Anyone who has traveled out of the country, I have found that they have picked up a parasite infection. Anyone who eats raw fish (sushi) will accumulate parasites. This is quite common.

Most lab tests fail to find a majoriy of intestinal parasites. Stool evaluation for ova and parasites picks up less than 10% active infections. Hundreds of parasites have complicated life cycles tht can exist even outside the intestinal tract. They can get into the lungs, nostrils, penetrate the skin and invade every organ and tissue.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has stated that two billion people have worms that are rarely seen in stool analysis. these numbers are conservative. Allergy symptoms can be tracked to parasite and/or what we call SIBO (small bacterial overgrowth). I have seen many young people with acne and it was parasite infections. When treated correctly, there are both medications that work well if cycled on the correct medications throught the month and parasite lifecycle. Some specific botannicals work as well but often medications will have to be used. The issue becomes that if the typical medical tests fail to test adequately, MD's are reluctant to write a script for medication. A physician educated in this issue is important for proper treatment with medication. Diagnostic screening is key to tracking them down and effectively treating over the course of the parasites lifecycle. 

When medications or antiparasitic botanicals are used proper binders should be used for the "die off" that will occur to prevent additional symptoms. Enema's or colonics can be extremely helpful in easing the process. Afterward the gastrointestinal tract should be treated with elements to heal the lining, re-inoculate with healthy flora to establish healthy immune function.

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