Heavy metals, mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum which are a consistent and ever present force are some of the most destructive elements to human physiology. They interrupt neuro-endocrine-immune function and are present in our air, food and water. These toxic metals accumulate in organs, all tissues including bone and brain. These metals are difficult to detect by typical blood panels. Sources are numerous, from environmental, food, dental care (amalgam fillings), vaccinations. Children are particularly susceptible because of their low body weight.

Fatique, irritability, depression, autoimmunity, although can be caused by numerous factors including poor gut function, heavy metal toxicity should be looked at as a primary and/or exacerbating factor in chronic illness.

In my office this is one of the first factors when treating any chronic illness. Care must be taken when chelating metals. Proper neurological testing must be done first to insure an individual has an intact BBB (blood brain barrier) and that their gut and liver is able to accomodate and breakdown these elements.  NEVER should metals be pulled off the cell site first with certain chelating agents. The ECM (extracellular matrix), the fluid medium that supports all cells should be cleansed of these toxins first to assure safe removal.

Simple binders such as our Zeotox alternating with our MineralX gently binds these elements without repercussions while restoring healthy re-mineralization along with liver, kidney and lymphatic support. Stronger chelating agents may be used after initial treatements, and maintained with Zeotox and MineralX. Proper protocols and sequencing of treatment must be done to assure a healthy and safe response when chelating metals. James Stivaly LMT





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