The practice consists of multiple testing sequences depending upon the clients needs. There are different assessment approaches that can be utilized. Osteopathics to assess, organ, vascular, biomechanics (bone and joint function) along with neurological testing is a must for proper Neuro-Endocrine-Immune health. ART (autonomic response testing) a specific and accurate muscle testing sequence to assess toxic loads from numerous sources, heavy metal and chemical toxic loads from daily exposure which is hard to assess in typical blood panels. 

Usually all of these areas need to be assessed in the first session. This is why we take our time utilizing an hour and half to fully assess an individuals needs. The average standard of care physician spends 3-5 minutes with a patient. This is inadequate to understand the foundational needs and weaknesses on a person who has been chronically ill for a number of years. The average person that comes into our office has seen 10-20 physicians before coming to us.

Our metabolic and neurological assessment forms MUST be completed prior to your first appointment. They can be easily downloaded off our site and brought with you at your first meeting. Although I am not an MD, recent blood lab results can be brought with you as well. We work with a lab with healthcare providers on staff that can assess your lab reports with us to look for any abnormalities.

Importantly, everyone will be tested with a proper functional neurological screening to look for early signs of brain aging. One in eight senior citizens will develp Alzheimer's. One in eight children are diagnosed with a brain development disorder, such as autism, ADD and ADHD. Much can be done to change these statitistics. We must preserve brain health to last us into our golden years. Increased age alone is a major risk factor for neurodegenerative diseases. Tested properly and caught early, changes can be made and supporting brain nutrition can preserve brain health.

Worldwide prevalence of dementia is on the rise. Anxiety, learning disabilities, depression, sleep disorders, brain fog, moodiness, your "garden variety" list of brain disorders ARE TREATABLE!

We look forward to working with you and feel free to call or email us for any additional questions you may have.

Our sister site is which is new and previewing our own health line which can provide foundational, detox and immune support in a cost effective manner for individuals in need.

Yours In Good Health,

James Stivaly LMT






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