As a professional in the sports industry. I'm often approached by experts who claim they've unlocked the secret to feeling and perfroming better physically. No one fit the bill until I met James. While unconventional, his approach is logical, consistent, and true. Personally, I've never felt better, and I've happily recommended James over and over again. If you want to tap into your natural ability to detoxify and then heal, James Stivaly is the man to see.

-Garret Kramer, founder of Inner Sports, and author of Stillpower and The Path of No Resistance-

I have been working with James Stivaly for 14 years. As a colleague, I have unhesitantly referred many patients to James over those years. He is by far one of the most skilled and learned holistic practioners in the New York, New jersey area. With my referrals I have consistently received positive results and glowing reports from my referred patients. James is the rare practioner that shows tremendous enthusiasm for his work, and an ongoing commitment to pushing his knowledge and skill through continued education. I would recommend him without exception to anyone dealing with chronic hard to treat health conditions.

-Christopher Butler Lic. Ac. FABORM-

 I first came to James about 4 years ago, I came becuase my doctor referred me. My compaint was unexplained knee pain, but really my struggle was bigger than that. I had alot of complaints due to menopause. To be honest it depressed me, and I felt hopeless. Four yeasr later, I am so grateful every day for James's help. Working with James has been a committment on many levels AND worth all of it and then some. James actually had real answers and the ability to help me heal. I am doing so much better and am excited about feeling vibrant, healthy, sexy and happy as I age.

-Frankie T.-

Before I met James, I was lost. I had taken birth control pills for about 10 months. While on birth control, I started to feel different. I felt disconnected, I questioned everything, and was no longer sure of myself. I started to develop anxiety. I would constantly have panic attacks.. Family and friends recommended that I get off birth control as soon as possible. When I did things got worse. I couldn't sleep and I was having stomach problems. I couldn't go to the bathroom. I believed all my worst thoughts, that I was capable of harming others and myself, and that made me sick to my stomach. I would vomit and lacked hunger. I lost some weight. I met with my gynecologist who thought  I was making stuff up. She suggested I try another brand of birth control. I refused to put anymore poison into my body. I went to see my primary doctor who was sure I was suffering from depression. He prescribed me antidepressants that I refused to take. I insisted to him that I was feeling sad but still led my regular social life so it wasn't like the depression I read about or saw on television. He thought I was insane. I sought out a psychiatrist who then tried to diagnose me. She suggested I take antidepressants after a meeting with me once. I took one pill, and got violently ill (vomiting and diarrhea). I remembered the person I used to be, happy, carefree and confident. I didn't recognize myself in the mirror. I didn't think I would ever get my life back and this made me even more depressed. I felt that I was leading a life of impending doom. I couldn't shake the sadness off.  I started having suicidal thoughts. A friend recommended I see James. He changed my life. I had never see a holistic practioner for medical treatment so I was wary. I had bought into the medical treatment that we practice today. He examined me, and suggested some supplements and remedies. Within a few months, I started to feel normal again. By the time a year had passed since I stared seeing him, I felt like the person I used to be. It was a gradual restoration of my old self. He knew exactly what my body nedded and what my body was deprived of. I'm so thankful he ame into my life when he did. I don't know where I'd be without him today. Thanks for saving my life. -Carmen D.-

In my practice of integrative dentistry, patients often find me because of complex health issues that include dental problems. Oftentimes these patients have been to many conventional physicians, physical therapists, etc., in order to gain relief from their pain, stiffness, chronic low energy, and/or allergies/hypersensitivities. Although my skill enables me to find and treat the dental issues that relate to these problems, in my thirty years in practice, I have learned that integrative healtcare requires a team approach. . There are just too many factors that enter into chronic health conditions for it to be "just one thing". For this reason I often rely on James now for almost twenty years. Although I know many practioners that analyze nutritional status and blood work, no one but James unites this with the ability to evaluate and treat musculoskeletal and neuroskeletal systems, that are so often the target of chronic infections, inadequate nutrition, environmental toxins or hormonal imbalances. James has been a "perpetual student" in all the years that I have known him; constantly improving his skills and his knowledge base. Further, he is a caring individual and I have no qualms sending him even my highly sensitive patients, as I know that his patience and gentle touch will be a comfort to them throughout their treatment. I am fortunate to have James to refer my patients to; quite simply, he does remarkable work.

-David J Shuch, DDS, The Center for Integrative Dentistry-

-Augusta N.J. 07822-

Co-Founder C.S. Bioscience, Inc.

Author Of: "Doctor Be Well-Integrating The Spirit Of Healing With Scientific Medicine"

AND "The Charm Carver"





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