ART (Autonomic Response Testing)


I am going to give you a brief synopsis about Autonomic Response Testing as it is known. This is a simplified version of a complex testing technique that is extremely accurate when properly applied.


Autonomic Response Testing is a testing procedure developed by Dr. Klinghardt MD, PhD. It allows a qualified trained health care provider to recognize cause and effect (causal chains) relationships and their affect on body structures. Many influences such as numerous environmental toxic loads, for example heavy metals, pesticides, xenobiotics, chronic exposure to infectious agents, limiting belief systems and of course unresolved psycho-emotional trauma have a detrimental effect on the health of the individual. These influences truly effect the true potential of what a person can achieve in their daily life.


As chronic illnesses become more apparent, contrary to the typical linear thought process of many health care providers, a chronically ill patient can achieve lasting recovery when these influences and causal chains are evaluated properly. Auntonomic Response Testing is able to uncover these underlying stressors and move the person towards balance. We are not suggesting here that this is a diagnostic procedure in the medical sense, but a procedure looking at stressors that create weaknesses in the organism, creating an unbalanced Neuro/Endocrine/Imuune system.


This testing sequence is designed with detoxification processes in mind and treating underlying causes of the above mentioned stressors. Detailed understanding of Ectoderm/Endoderm/Mesoderm layers, how they interact with each and their biochemical and metabolic functions allows the practioner to intercede with neutraceuticals, homeopathy, herbs and other structural maneuvers when necessary to create normal homeostasis where other helath care procedures cannot.


So to reiterate, Autonomic Response Testing is a holistic muscle testing sequence that can pinpoint stressors already mentioned that can cause disease processes to occur. It looks at body structures in the moment so the practioner can gauge what intervention is needed. Prerequiste exams done by one's physician are  of paramount importance, such as neurological testing, blood panels, x-rays etc. prior to ART testing.


Auntonomic Response testing is an effective approach and an addition to modern health care concepts to help an individual achieve a balanced life and optimum health.

For more information go to-www.klinghardtacademy.com






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