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Manual Therapy has numerous connotations. Hands on manipulative techniques have been around since man and woman have been on this earth. Many techniques from different cultures were either passed on from one generation to another or a master would pick one student on which to pass on his knowledge. But let us focus on more present times and my exposure to some of the best manual practioners I have been privaliged to learn from.

Most of my present work is built from the Osteopathic concepts of Craniosacral therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Mechanical Link. Jean Pierre Barral's Visceral work has been most influential especially my introduction to his protege' Frank Lowen M.T. 

Lowen's work had the most impact on my learning because of his understanding of subtle energy forces and rhythmic movements naturally inherent in tissue structures. An example of one of these forces would be the natural circadian rhythm inherent in the small intestine or in the parenchymal cells of the liver. These movements are clearly documented not only by allopathic medicine as a motility, but Barral and Lowen took those concepts to another level and documented these forces by understanding normal and abnormal movement of these tissues and their consequence on the health of the individual.

Frank Lowen's in depth understanding of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, along with extraordinary palpation skills developed techniques that are gentle and extremely powerful in their affect on the body. We can focus on finding the most dominant tissue structures that are causing pain and disability. Through the understanding of the deepest structures of anatomy with their profound feedback to the nervous system, manipulating these subtle and in my opinion dominating forces, proper balance can be brought back, stresses relieved easily and safely and the body can resume it's natural adaptive abilities.

Most often I have a client come in for just manual treatments in between their ART testing and functional medicine treatments. It is not uncommon to need this type of work because just about everyone has had some level of physical trauma and in the chronicall ill espcially cranial trauma. Questions pertaining to these concepts can be answered by clicking on www.barralinstitute.com and www.lowensystems.com or contact me at naturalhealthcarenj@gmail.com

James Stivaly L.M.T.





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