FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE:

Functional medicine is a muti-system biology approach to health care, recognizing how all the systems of the body come together to create homeostasis and the ability to adapt to environmental stresses which create disahrmony and disease.

Traditionally, researchers and clinicians explored one system at a time ignoring the inter-relationships that occurr within a biologic system. Over the years drug research has explored interaction on single organ target cells, which has given us insight into certain disease processes.
To their dismay and to the dismay of the public health system, chronic illness and disability is worse then ever swallowing up more health care dollars then ever before.

There are numerous reasons for this. SAD (standard american diet) has caused and is still causing high rates of obesity, diabetes and their corresponding illnesses cardiovascular disease and cancer. The statistics of these diseases have not changed and actually have risen in the last decade. Add into the mix poor food quality, low nutritional content, psychological stresses and this adds to the inabilty of bodily systems to adapt to their environment. This leads to poor gene expression and horrendous disease states and auto-immunity which is common now at all ages.

The goal of the functional medicine practioner is to educate patients in proper nutrition, healthy habits-exercise, proper food intake at the right times, stress reduction, and proper supplementation and detoxifying agents that restore proper cellular function. This brings the systems back into a state of harmony and homeostasis.

Teaching the patient can be a daunting task especially when most physicians are not well trained in proper nutrition and proper lifestyle habits which the NIH (national institute of health) advocates. Patients must understand their role and their responsbility in staying with the programs developed by their functional medicine provider. The longer the neglect the longer it takes to bring an individual back to a state of health. But it can be done. With patience and a little discipline I have seen it done. Over the last 30 years I have seen the most severe cases come back into a healthy state using the most advanced functional medicine principles.

A healthy state of being is not out of the reach of anyone if they are willing to do some work. Hope this article was informative.





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